Vision Therapy from Brain Vision Institute

At BVI, we help patients improve their visual motor and cognitive processing skills through specialized vision therapy. By re-training the brain with the power of neuroplasticity, our CogniViision™ protocol helps patients achieve more in the classroom, the boardroom and on the playing field!

Introducing The Cogniviision™
Vision Therapy System!

Dr. Lorenzana’s CogniViision™ protocol is individualized for patients of all ages, but is particularly effective on children with processing and neurological special needs…

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Vision Exams

Here at Vision and Sensory Integration, we want to ensure that your eyes are working properly by giving you a vision exam.

Vision examinations are very important to your overall eye health. Many vision problems do not show any signs or symptoms, so it is important to have a vision test done on a regular basis. Early diagnosis and treatment of your eyes can help prevent vision loss in the future.

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Vision Rehabilitation

Thanks to the progression of technology in our modern era, we have the great pleasure of providing our patients with much needed vision treatments. There are some cases where an individual needs to undergo surgery. However, there are many cases where all it takes to treat our patients is visual rehabilitation.

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Sports Vision

Here at Vision and Sensory Integration, we are dedicated to working with athletes to ensure that they have good vision.

Athletes need good vision to be able to succeed in their sport. They also need to have healthy eyes to ensure victory.

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My younger son, after using the skills that he has learned from CogniViiSION™, over time, has increased productivity and has been doing very well in school without ADD medication. I didn’t think that this would work for us as great as it did.

Christy B.

After Alex started CogniViiSION™, his reading levels jumped seven levels and his symptoms disappeared. Dr. Lorenzana is not only extremely knowledgeable, but very compassionate and truly rooting for your child’s success.

Carrie E.

Learning become easier for me, I began to dream in color once again and most amazing of all, my eyesight began to improve at 68 years of age.

Laura B.

Dr. Lorenzana, Boy! Have we have come a LONG way! We were so nervous and cautious to begin this process, but overjoyed to now be on this side of it! Thank you for your time, expertise, care, and patience. You are truly one of a kind among doctors! We feel blessed to have walked through your door, and to have consistently been under such thoughtful and genuine care. You REALLY do care about your patients, but even more than that, you care about the families too! We went from nearly bringing Lindsay to come and do her best, to her asking when she could come back next and to not wanting to leave! Your work is so important and has changed Lindsay’s and our lives. We still have challenges ahead, but we are in the race and winning strong!! Thank you so very much for ALL you did for Lindsay and us!

Emilee, Kurt, & Lindsay R.

Jack was diagnosed with lazy eye and I was told by a different eye doctor that full correction wasn’t possible and that vision therapy would not work. I found Dr. Lorenzana, who believed in the brain’s plasticity. After a course of CogniViiSION™, his vision went from seeing 20-50 to 20-20 with minimal correction.

Bobbi W.

Before therapy Tyler hated to read. When she would read, she would choose books with pictures and large print or not a lot of print at all. She had headaches all the time and her stomach hurt every day. Now, after therapy, she reads chapter books and her outlook on school has improved tremendously! I feel that this therapy has changed her life! She still has her dyslexic issues, but they have vastly improved. Thank you!

Peggy S.

Emilia was doing poorly in school. She was very shy, could not sit still in her chair, was having a hard time seeing the board, she was not reading at grade level and was even failing tests. After therapy, she has become more confident in herself. She talks a lot more, asks questions in class, her reading and math skill have improved. She even now plays the oboe and does very well with reading the music notes. Her grades have improved as well, and her reading at almost her grade level!

Before Therapy: Bridgette complained of headaches and took ibuprofen daily. She would often complain of double vision, and her glasses “not working”. She had difficulty finishing her homework due to eye fatigue. She would often lose her place while reading and had poor reading comprehension. She had a tendency to miss words or phrases when copying paragraphs. Many times, she would skip a question or two on homework or on tests because she didn’t see them. She would complain of feeling nauseated after doing near work. After Therapy: Bridgette rarely complains of headaches, and I cannot remember the last time she said she felt nauseated after doing homework. She has a lot more energy, and is able to spend hours doing homework in the evening. Bridgette has been promoted to all accelerated classes and earns mostly A’s Visions therapy has had a tremendous impact on Bridgette’s quality of life as a whole. Everything is easier for her because she feels better. Because Bridgette had the opportunity to go through vision therapy, she will be able to live up to her full potential! THANK YOU Dr. Lorenzana!

Karen F.

After Alex started CogniViiSION, his reading levels jumped sever levels and his symptoms disappeared. Dr. Lorenzana is not only extremely knowledgeable, but very compassionate and truly rooting for your child's success.

Carrie E.

My daughter was diagnosed with intermittent alternating esotropia since she was 3 years old. For many years we tried and hope that the prescription glasses would help but unfortunately it didn’t. When my daughter was 7 the doctor said that we need to do eye surgery because nothing else will help. Most likely multiple surgeries due to her severe case. I just couldn’t do this to my daughter without trying everything else possible especially after seeing YouTube videos of other people that had the surgery done but the eye/eyes would go back or move in a different direction then before. I research a lot and I found Dr. Lorenzana and I am so happy that I did. The CogniViiSION protocol that she developed worked amazing. Dr. Lorenzana explained how the brain and vision are connected and made me understand that the surgery would only address the eye muscles and that this is why it does not always work in some kind of cases as how her behavior was also a correlation with her vision problems. I had finally found somebody that would understand our struggle. Beside the esthetic part of the eyes, I found behavioral changes, very good changes. My daughter would get tired and stressed before but after the therapy her behavior improved significantly. Now she loves to read and has much more patience. I definitely recommend CogniViiSION therapy even when your current doctor tells you it would not work and I definitely recommend Dr. Lorenzana and her professional team. I am glad I did this for my daughter and it’s worth every penny as it changed her life.

Dr. Lorenzana, Thank you for helping my boy, you have a huge heart and an amazing gift!

Jenny Mc.

Before Vision Therapy: My name is Fiona and I am a fulltime student athlete at Northern Illinois University where I am an Elementary Education Major. I suffered a severe concussion with whiplash at soccer practice in September 2018. The remainder of the semester the majority of my time was spent in dark rooms sleeping and concerned about how I was going to be able to attend classes and complete my homework assignments. The light and noise sensitivity I was experiencing was extremely painful. I struggled to walk to my classes. When I arrived at class I was unable to focus and concentrate because of these symptoms. After Vision Therapy: After completing Vision Therapy I now am able to attend, sit through, and focus during all of my classes. I have little to no light sensitivity now and my noise sensitivity is completely gone. I am able to complete my homework assignments on time and work for extended hours now without suffering from headaches. I feel like my vision issues have been resolved and I am extremely thankful to Dr. Lorenzana, Ryan my therapist and the entire staff for assisting me in my recovery.

Before Therapy: Jakob struggled learning to read. He would avoid doing school work by hiding his papers in his desk. His teachers thought he might have Attention Deficit Disorder, but weren’t sure because he only had a few of the symptoms. The only way he would get his school work done is if I sat next to him and forces him to do it. He had 2 hours of homework every night in 2nd and 3rd grade because he wasn’t getting anything done during school. Often the evening would end with Jakob putting his head down on his paper and telling me he couldn’t do anymore because his eyes are going to “explode”. Jakob would identify himself as one of the dumb kids in class. Jakob struggles athletically too. We didn’t understand why he didn’t want to ride a bike, and why he couldn’t catch a ball. Jakob would not participate in sports on the playground or join pick-up games with the boys in the neighborhood. Jakob would get car sick anytime we drove more than 30 minutes. It was especially bad if the roads were hilly. It didn’t matter is he sat in the front or the back. After Therapy: Jakob is doing great in school. His grades improved in every subject. He doesn’t require extra academic support, and is keeping up with the class. Jakob brings home the average amount of homework, and does his work independently. Jakob is doing much better socially. Doing well in school makes him feel smart and gives him confidence. He can ride a bike, rollerblade, and catch a football. Jakob’s carsickness is much better too. I can’t imagine what Jakob’s life would be like if he never had vision therapy.

Karen F.

Before Vision Therapy: My left eye was sometimes out of center with my right eye, I got tired easily when reading and often got headaches. I do not feel like I was overall as efficient as I could be at work and at home and would often have to rest from the strain/fatigue of the day. After Vision Therapy: My left eye was nearly completely centered, I did not get tired as easily when reading and do not get the frequency or as intense of headaches. I also feel like I am a bit more efficient at work and at home and do not suffer from as much general mental fatigue at the end of the day. This process works!

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