Vision Therapy from Brain Vision Institute

At BVI, we help patients improve their visual motor and cognitive processing skills through specialized vision therapy. By re-training the brain with the power of neuroplasticity, our CogniViision™ protocol helps patients achieve more in the classroom, the boardroom and on the playing field!

Introducing The Cogniviision™
Vision Therapy System!

Dr. Lorenzana’s CogniViision™ protocol is individualized for patients of all ages, but is particularly effective on children with processing and neurological special needs…

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Vision Exams

Here at Vision and Sensory Integration, we want to ensure that your eyes are working properly by giving you a vision exam.

Vision examinations are very important to your overall eye health. Many vision problems do not show any signs or symptoms, so it is important to have a vision test done on a regular basis. Early diagnosis and treatment of your eyes can help prevent vision loss in the future.

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Vision Rehabilitation

Thanks to the progression of technology in our modern era, we have the great pleasure of providing our patients with much needed vision treatments. There are some cases where an individual needs to undergo surgery. However, there are many cases where all it takes to treat our patients is visual rehabilitation.

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Sports Vision

Here at Vision and Sensory Integration, we are dedicated to working with athletes to ensure that they have good vision.

Athletes need good vision to be able to succeed in their sport. They also need to have healthy eyes to ensure victory.

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Learning become easier for me, I began to dream in color once again and most amazing of all, my eyesight began to improve at 68 years of age.

Laura B.

After Alex started CogniViiSION, his reading levels jumped sever levels and his symptoms disappeared. Dr. Lorenzana is not only extremely knowledgeable, but very compassionate and truly rooting for your child's success.

Carrie E.

Dr. Lorenzana, Thank you for helping my boy, you have a huge heart and an amazing gift!

Jenny Mc.

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