Vision Therapy from Vision & Sensory Integration Institute

At VSII, we help patients improve their visual motor and cognitive processing skills through specialized vision therapy. By re-training the brain with the power of neuroplasticity, our CogniViision™ protocol helps patients achieve more in the classroom, the boardroom and on the playing field!

Introducing The Cogniviision™ Vision Therapy System!

Dr. Lorenzana’s CogniViision™ protocol is individualized for patients of all ages, but is particularly effective on children with processing and neurological special needs…READ MORE about Vision Therapy Chicago

Vision Vs. Sight

Did you know most vision takes place in the brain? The eye takes the picture of what we see. Our brain helps us decode what it is.READ MORE about Visual Neuroplasticity


Learning become easier for me, I began to dream in color once again and most amazing of all, my eyesight began to improve at 68 years of age.

Laura Blocksom

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